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About ValueSoft

ValueSoft is the best GST ready accounting and inventory management software for your bussiness. It helps to generate professional invoices, effortless GST filing, manage order, saves your time and money. It is the most user friendly, customizable, simple, secure and easy software to use.

Why ValueSoft?

Excellent Customer Service

We provide guaranteed 100% customer support because we believe in customer satisfaction as the key to good business.

Customizable Software

We provide the most personalized business solution, with us you can build the brand/business the way you want it.

Bound to timeline

We believe your time is valuable and priceless. We always finish before deadlines and keep consistent high quality in the workflow.

Assured Quality

Our team is dedicated to creating amazing user experiences. We persistently strive to improve the quality and services of our product.

Features In ValueSoft


ValueSoft Mobile Application Features

• ValueSoft Clients can monitor their business from anywhere and anytime using eOwner App in real time.

• Sale Bills, Purchase Invoices & Orders Received with item details can be seen with data safety & security.

• Company wise Stock Report, Party/Area Wise Sale , Goods Ledger are also available.

• ValueSoft Clients can view Party Ledger, Bank Account, Cash Ledger, Dues List, Payment In & Out etc in Mobile App .

ValueSoft Pricing, Simplified

Standard Version

₹ 12500 (including GST)-/

(Single user)

₹ 2500-/ per extra user

₹ 24000 (unlimited user)

With all Features

Basic Version

₹ 9500 (including GST)-/

(Limited edition)

₹ 2500-/ per extra user

With Limited Features

ValueSoft eOwner App

₹ 2100/year (including GST)-/

(Single user)

₹ 1200/year (including GST)-/ for extra user

ValueSoft CSR App - Free

ValueSoft Retailer App - Free

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